Saturday, 7 April 2018

Revised Leon Campaign Strategic Map

Original Strategic Map of Leon Phase

Last week I explained that the strategic map was used for campaign movement and to illustrate daily locations on the campaign diary blog.

I posted a copy of the latest map, which is above.

When the campaign was PBEM I always used the wargames map, because it was important that each player could see in advance exactly what the wargames table would look like.

When I converted the campaign to solo I started using a map which was approximate, but not exactly, the same as the wargames table.   It showed the area of the campaign in more detail than the mains strategic map, but with the nine cities/towns in the same position as the wargames map.

This resulted in a map which was half way between a real map and the wargames table.   The necessity to show the major towns/cities in their actual location resulted in a very artificial road system.
Revised Strategic Map of Leon Phase
I have spent the last week playing around with alternative layouts to make the map look more like a regular map.

First I moved the cities/towns around so that they were not exactly in the middle of their nine square grid.   This gave a more irregular look to the map.

I then added the strategic road from the main strategic map.   It is important that this is correct as it joins capital cities on the main map.

Then I added minor roads to connect the cities and towns.   Because they were no longer regularly spaced, the road system did not look so artificial.

Finally I added the major terrain features from the main strategic map.  In this case the river Duero, major mountains and the forrest.   However I also added some hills to make sense of the road system.

I am never satisfied with my maps, but I am much happier with this revised map than I was with the original.

Next I will convert this into a wargames map which shows the actual terrain which will be on the table.

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