Sunday, 15 April 2018

Leon Campaign Wargames Map

Tactical Map

This map is used for campaign movement and on the campaign diary blog to illustrate the progress of the campaign, daily location of corps and depots and battles fought.

It shows major terrain, cities and towns plus main (red) and secondary (yellow) roads.
Wargames Map

This map is used to transfer battles from the tactical map to the wargames table.

Each square is numbered top right, and this number is the same as a 6x6 inch scenic board used to create the wargames table.

It shows the same terrain as the tactical map, but in addition has minor terrain, such as trees, villages, farms and bridges.   It also has minor roads, shown in brown.

This map has to be very practical, rather than pretty, because it enables me to select all the required wargames scenery with maximum ease.   

This map ensures that I have the correct scenery to transfer any section of the tactical map to the wargames table.  

This completes the maps required for the next phase of the 1813 Campaign, which will be set in northern Spain.

Good timing, because we have just started what I expect to be the final battle of the current Nuremberg campaign phase.

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