Saturday, 9 September 2017

Campaign Maps - Spanish Regions

Spanish Campaign Areas
There are two campaign areas in Spain, both outlined in white on this map.  The northern is the campaign area for British v Fourth French Army.   The British base is at Oporto and the French at Bayonne.   The Spanish v Fifth French Army is in the south. 

Only national borders and major cities are shown on this map.  Each major city is a campaign objective for a campaign phase.

The very keen eyed may have noticed that Gibraltar has been added to the bottom of the map since I posted last weeks blog.

North Spain Campaign Area
This map is neither factual nor to scale.   It shows the same major cities as the strategic map above.  However it also shows major terrain features such as rivers and mountains.   It also shows the major (red) and secondary (yellow) road system.  Spanish regional borders are also shown.

South Spain Campaign Area

Similar to the northern map.   Neither of these maps are used for campaign movement.   They are used to plan and illustrate campaign phases on the campaign diary blog.   
Campaign Strategic Map
This type of map is produced for each campaign phase.  This one is for the next campaign, which is for the city of Linares in southern Spain.   It is similar to the campaign area map above, but has more information.   Minor roads (in brown) have been added, and also the smaller towns includes in the Linares campaign phase.   The area covered is six of the campaign areas shown on the previous map.  This map is used on the campaign diary blog as part of the introduction to a new campaign phase.


Campaign Tactical Map
Perhaps a better name would be Campaign Wargame Map.   This is the map which is used for all campaign movement, and to transfer a campaign battle on to the wargames table.  Each square is a 2x2 foot scenic square on the wargames table.  This is the map for the Linares campaign phase.   This map is slightly larger than the normal tactical map, because I want to experiment more with Spanish irregular troops and make the French lines of communication more important.

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