Saturday, 2 September 2017

Campaign Maps – Spain

Previous campaign map of Spain
This is the previous campaign map of Spain.   It covers an area from the French border to the coast of Portugal.   Both national and regional borders are shown.   It includes all major terrain features, both rivers and mountains.   It also shows the complete road system.   Each 15 mile square has a named town and is the area of a campaign phase.

With all of this information it is very easy to prepare the regional maps.   However it is difficult to read all of the information when used on the campaign diary blog.
New square grid campaign map of Spain
The new map covers the same area, but shows only national borders and major cities.  Unlike the previous map, this one is not to any scale.   Each square is the area of a campaign phase.   It shows the location of each campaign objective, but it is not intended to be a true map of Portugal and Spain.   The two areas outlined in white are the north and south campaign areas.  The British are in the north and the Spanish in the south.
New hex grid campaign map of Spain
This covers the same area as the previous map, but conforms to my new plan to use hex grid for all strategic planning maps.   I think it looks better on the campaign diary blog, and makes it easier to illustrate how each army can move in any direction without having to show a complicated road system.
New campaign planning map of Spain
This very detailed map is for planning purposes only.   Each white grid covers the same area as one square or hex on the two previous maps.   This is a campaign phase area.   I use this map to create the campaign tactical (wargame) maps.

This map shows the road and river system and also the national borders.  In addition each square indicates the region.   The white grid shows the campaign phase area with the campaign objective in the centre.   There are nine squares in each phase area, each has a named town and each is the size of a wargames table.

This is not a map of Spain and Portugal.  It only shows the area covered by the campaign, and then only the campaign objectives.    Each campaign phase area is stand alone, and is not intended to exactly match the adjoining squares.   For this reason the location of the rivers are not factual.  They are approximate, but I have had to adjust their location as necessary.

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