Sunday, 23 October 2016

New Campaign Maps

Germany Stage One
In August I wrote a blog about my summer project of making new campaign maps.   I am pleased to confirm that I have finished the first one.   I call it Germany, but it also includes Poland and Austria.   It covers the whole area over which the Prussian, Russian and Austrian armies will campaign.

The map has a grid which is 37 squares wide by 29 squares deep.   This gives a total of 1073 squares.   There are 41 squares with sea, leaving 1032 land squares.   Each land square has the name of a city or town.   Each square is 20 miles.   For the purpose of the campaign each square is a battle area or the size of a wargames table.   So there are a possible 1032 named battle areas.

Stage One of the map shows major terrain features.   Major rivers, major mountains and forests are shown.   For the first time national borders are also shown, as are the capitals of each country. 
Germany Stage Two

Major roads have been added in this map.   They are coloured red and connect the capital city of each country.   They are the only roads which cross national borders.
Germany Stage Three
This is the completed map.   All towns and cities have been added.   Within each country cities not already joined by a red road and now connected by a yellow road.   Any towns not already connected by a red or yellow road and now connected by a light brown one.   These three coloured roads are for strategic purposes only.   Red are international roads connecting capital cities.   Yellow are major national roads connecting cities within each country.   Brown are minor roads connecting towns within each country.

This road grading is for strategic purposes only.  It indicates main movement and supply roads on an international and national basis.   For campaign movement all three types of road are the same.   Corps move three squares per day on roads, two squares off road on good terrain and one square per day on difficult terrain.   Mountains, rivers and woods are difficult terrain.

Campaign strategic maps for all phases set in Germany will be taken from this map.  I will have to make a similar map for Spain to cover the campaign in the Iberian Peninsula.


WimVdB said...

Your map looks great.
Have fun with the upcoming campaign!

Jacko said...

They look great and easy to use

thistlebarrow said...


thanks for your comments. It was difficult to get the map right, and I kept changing it when I saw the finished product. But it became very addictive and I am quite looking forward to the one of Portugal and Spain


thistlebarrow said...


Thanks for your comment

The maps are very easy to use, though I had to make an extract for each of the campaign areas. The full map of Germany was just too big to work on for the campaign.


thistlebarrow said...