Sunday, 3 July 2016

Solo 1813 Campaign

North Germany Strategic Map

I have completed the revision of the 1813 campaign to convert it from PBEM back to Solo.

There are still five campaign areas, three in Germany and two in Spain.   But in future I will run a mini campaign in each area in sequence.   The first will be set in northern Germany and will be Napoleon v Blucher.  

The strategic map shows the whole of north Germany, with the Magdeburg campaign area outlined in white.   Each square on this map is 15x15 miles, which is one days march, it is also the area of a wargames table.

When it was a PBEM campaign I had to be careful not to give too much information away to the players.  Now that it is solo I do not have to worry about that.  So the campaign diary will have much more information available both in the introduction and on the daily reports.   Hopefully this will make it easier to follow the development of the campaign
Magdeburg Tactical Map

This map shows the opening positions of the four French and four Prussian corps.   Each square is 5x5 miles and is one 2x2 foot square on the wargames table.  There are sufficient scenic squares to duplicate any possible map battle.   5x5 squares make up the wargames table.

The introduction to the Magdeburg campaign is now on the Campaign Diary Blog.   It includes a short summary of the 1813 campaign, shortened orders of battle for the French and Prussians and the campaign objective.   It also has links to much more information about the main campaign.  This includes detailed orders of battle, wargame and campaign rules.

Each mini campaign should last about 10 campaign days and provide 2-4 battles to wargame.   

I hope to provide sufficient information to allow anyone to fight the campaign themselves, using their own wargame rules. 

I also hope that the three or four weekly diary posts, plus the battle reports, will make it easier for anyone who would like to follow each mini campaign.

The Campaign Diary Blog can be found here

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