Saturday, 12 March 2016

The Battle of Meiningen

We wargamed the first battle of the solo campaign this week.

It was a small battle with one corps per side, each with one infantry brigade detached on garrison duty.

Set in central Germany, where 4th Russian corps had orders to hold the town of Meiningen.    The 14th Westphalian corps had orders to attack them.

This was just the type of battle which had produced most of the wargames in the PBEM campaign.   But this time I could manipulate the opening positions.

The Russians were deployed on the right bank of the river Weser, holding the main road and bridge from Kaufungen to Meiningen.   In the PBEM campaign the Russians would have been deployed in the same square as Meiningen.  However I moved them forward to cover the road crossing the river.

Instead of attacking directly over the main road, the Westphalians were ordered south to cross the river by an undefended bridge.   They would then be able to launch a flank attack on the Russian position.

The result was a surprisingly interesting minor battle.   The Westphalians finally won, but it could have gone either way.  

The full battle report is on the campaign diary blog

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