Saturday, 5 March 2016

1813 Solo Campaign

Finally finished the two campaign areas in Spain.

All five campaign areas now completed and ready to start the campaign proper.

I will write orders for all ten area commanders, both French and Allied. 

The PBEM campaign ended with an armistice on 5 April 1813, and the solo campaign will start at the end of that armistice on 12 April 1813.

Napoleon has ordered all five area commander to commence attack the enemy.  

I have designed the five tactical maps to provide different types of terrain and I will try to avoid too many battles for possession of a town or city.   Because a city was always the campaign objective in the PBEM campaign we have had a lot of those already.

The Prussian, Russian, Austrian and Spanish armies are all on the defensive, and will leave the initiative to the French commanders.   However Wellington has ordered his army to launch a surprise attack, so the campaign in northern Spain will open with an encounter battle.

I am quite excited to be able to start the solo campaign at last, and I hope to have the first battle to wargame next week.


JWH said...

Good luck to you with the next phase of your campaign: I hope that the changes you have made increase your gaming enjoyment, or at least bring the same enjoyment for less administrative work!

thistlebarrow said...

It's proving to be more administrative work than I had anticipated.

I miss the discipline imposed by the PBEM campaign, but it will give me a lot more freedom to introduce new rules and ideas.

I felt that the PBEM campaign had run its course, and I needed a change.

I will soon know whether this is the right change!