Monday, 16 February 2015

New 1813 PBEM Campaign

In the next few weeks I will be starting a new PBEM campaign set in 1813.
It will be a fiction campaign and not at all similar to the historical campaign
The purpose of the campaign is to provide interesting wargames for my wife and I to wargame.

It is set in 1813 because all of the major nations took part in that campaign, and all of the armies were of a similar quality.

There are five campaign areas, and each has an allied and a French commander.
The allied armies are Austrian, Anglo-Portuguese, Bavarian, Prussian and Russian.
So I will need ten players to fill the ten command posts.

Each player will command four army corps.   He will be responsible for the issue of daily orders and the control of his supply system.   The tactical map shows the exact scenery to be found on the wargames table, and he can plan exactly where he wants to fight each battle.  

There is no need for an extensive knowledge of the tactics of the Napoleonic period.   And it should not require more than one hour a week to write orders.

The campaign will be broken into eight or nine phases.    Each phase will be a strategic objective, and will be stand alone within the wider campaign.   I anticipate that each phase will take about three or four months to complete.

There is a new campaign diary blog for this campaign.   So far it has a general introduction, maps showing the campaign areas and the introduction to the first phase of the campaign, which is set in the Danube Valley.   You will find the blog here

To join the campaign you will have to join the yahoo campaign forum.   This is a notice board and point of information exchange for the campaign.

If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer them

If anyone would like to take part they should join the yahoo group and confirm that they wish to take part in the 1813 campaign.

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