Sunday, 5 October 2014

Recruiting for the Campaign

Each week I post battle reports and campaign updates on the Campaign Diary Blog.   I also post a short description of the post on the campaign forum.  This is just to notify followers that there is a posting on the Diary Blog.   I have recently tried to make this post a little more interesting than just a bland statement that there is a new post.

I currently have two reserve players, so I am not actively recruiting.  But I decided to copy the forum post to the wargame forum I follow.    As often happens, there was no response on any of the forum.  But there was a large increase in visitors to the Campaign Diary Blog.   This has led me to hope that there might be a pool of interested readers, and prospective campaign commanders.

So I intend to post regularly on that forum with a short, and hopefully interesting, update on the campaign.   In this way I hope to expand knowledge and interest in the campaign, and to provide a pool of future commanders.

There is, of course, the risk that it might result in some negative comment.  It is a sad fact that most followers of wargame forum are, like myself, a silent majority.   Those who do post tend not to be particularly interested in actual wargaming.   Most posts express the writer’s interest in the latest wargame rules, or deal with orders of battle or uniform details.   And those which result in the most posts are often part of long running, and bad tempered, disagreements.

So my plan may well not work out the way I hope.   But it is worth a try.  If it does result in a wider knowledge and interest in the campaign then it could well secure its continued progress.   At the very least it should raise the profile of the campaign for a short time.

Wish me luck.


Sun of York said...

Good luck!

It is hard work raising profile/interest.

My blog has 60 something followers, for which I am very grateful. My wargames club's blog hasn't even made 10 followers, but there are forty members...

I suppose forums are different, but yes, often threads turn into just banter or arguments between a couple of posters who add no value at all.

thistlebarrow said...


I suspect there are not many who do a regular blog for the feedback. Personally I enjoy doing a weekly update.

Its strange that there are so many "lurkers" on wargame forums. Perhaps they don't want to risk attracting aggressive response. The trouble is that it then allows the few who do post to dominate the forum.

Despite that I have a lot to be grateful to forums such as TMP. Without them I would never have been able to keep my PBEM campaign going.