Saturday, 27 September 2014

Wargame Building Project

Jan has been building more small Spanish buildings
The basic design is the same, but Jan has added typical Spanish lean-to and longer naya.   
This close up shows the building front behind the naya.
She has also been making a selection of gates and walls for farms and villages.   They are similar to the French walls, the main difference being the tiles on the top.   This is a Hovels building, we wanted the walls to be the right size for them as well as our own.   


Sun of York said...

They look really good.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Those are really quite nice! Fantastic that your wife shares in your hobby including the making of scenery.


James Fisher, FINS said...

More of Jan's wonderful work (and your finishing). The windows are particularly superb. I reckon that yours are much better than the Hovels versions!

thistlebarrow said...

Hi James

Thanks for your comments.

The buildings are improving with practice, and now Jan is considering redoing some of the earlier ones!



Phil said...

Great looking buildings, I like them!