Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wargame Building Project

Town buildings for France or Germany

The PBEM campaign has taken up most of my time since Christmas, but we have made a little progress with our building project.

Our scenery, like our wargame rules, are simple and functional.   They are not based on the model railway principle, but rather on the wargame principle.

I bought some felt to outline the terrain, whether woods, broken ground or built up areas.  One square represents a farm (green felt) or village (grey felt).   Two squares a town.   Four squares a city.  

I am now working on the buildings for towns, villages and farms.  There will be one set for France and another for Spain.   The buildings and walls will be designed to fill the felt square, either for open towns or walled ones.   Each farm will be a set with farmhouse, outbuildings and walls.

So far we have been working on the town buildings for France or Germany.    We have completed eight, which is just right for two town sections.   Next we will make some buildings suitable for villages.

Walled town for France or Germany

We have also made some wall sections for walled towns.   We don’t use them much at present, but may introduce them now that I have the walls.   The same buildings are used, and the wall and gate sections have been designed to fit around the felt square, with one building in each corner.

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