Saturday, 3 March 2012

Wellington's Battles

Table at the start of the battle of Toulouse

Having fought three campaign battles on the same day, it looks like there will be a lull in the fighting as the winners decide what to do next and the losers try to rally their corps and find somewhere quiet to recover.

Seems a good time to play one of our occasional games based on Wellington's Peninsula battles.

Toulouse is the thirteenth such game.

Although the Orbat and terrain are similar, these are fun games not meant to be a serious recreation of the historical battle.

This may well be the last of the series. Certainly it is the last he fought in the Peninsular Campaign. It would however seem a shame not to complete the set with Waterloo!

We have played the game twice before, once in 15mm and once in 6mm. Neither was a particularly enjoyable game. It is such a large battle that it is better fought as a multi player game. And, of course, it needs a pretty big table to hold all the troops required.

However as part of this series I would not attempt to follow the historical orbat. It is tempting to try, we will see.

Meanwhile if you would like to follow Toulouse you will find it at

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