Wednesday, 7 March 2012

New Campaign Map of Germany

New map of Germany.

The main detail was taken from my AA Road Atlas of Europe. I drew a grid on the map, with each square being 15 miles. This produced a map of Europe which was 29 squares wide by 32 long. I then entered the name of a town on each square from the AA map. This ensured that distances between towns would be approximately 15 miles. It also ensured that cities and main towns would be in the right place on the campaign map.

Then I copied major rivers, again from the AA map.

It was not possible to copy the other terrain, as there were no contour lines. Even if there were, it would have been too difficult over such a large area.

Malcolm's map of northern Germany

I wanted to copy the terrain from Malcolm’s excellent wargame maps. This proved difficult, because his towns are not quite the same as those on the AA map, nor are they in the same place.

As a first step I identified as many towns on both maps as I could. I then entered hills and woods in approximately the same place.

Unable to use his road system, I connected my cities together as shown. This would be the major road system used for communication and supply.

Finally I copied his borders as close as I could.

The result is the above map. This is only the first stage, because I want to make my map more user friendly.

I want to create three major routes east to west. This will provide me with my three campaign areas. North for the Prussians. Central for the Russians. South for the Austrians.

I then want to plot objectives along these three routes to provide me with objectives for each phase of the campaign. For example the first obvious one would be Berlin to Magdeburg in the northern campaign area.

I also want to reduce the borders to major powers. This would be France, Austria and Prussia. I may also plot the main powers in the Confederation of the Rhine. Perhaps Westphalia, Hannover and Bavaria. This will allow me to plot suitable fortified towns.

Lots of work still to do, but at least I have made a start.

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