Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Napoleonic Campaign Forum

Reading through Old School Wargaming, one of my favourite forum, this morning I read with interest about an 18th century imaginary country. Or rather a blog about a series of such countries. I have been aware of these fictional wars and nations for many years, indeed I first read about them in "Charge, or how to play wargames" in the last 1960s. I was tempted to try one, but could never generate the same interest in Seven Year War period as in my old love Napoleonic's.

I am not really interested in creating a fictional country, but I am always playing with the idea of fictional Napoleonic campaigns. Usually based on a "what if" idea. And it made me wonder whether there might be a forum or discussion group devoted to Napoleonic Campaigns. And if not, why not.

This is not the sort of thing that could be done on a blog. The idea is to exchange ideas and discuss them. There may be such a group out there somewhere. If not I would consider starting one, providing that there is sufficient interest.

I put the question on the half dozen forum to which I belong, and asked if no such forum exists would there be any interest in creating one. I am quite staggered, and very pleased, with the response I have received already - in less than 12 hours. In particular I have received a lot of interest from Old School Wargaming, and that is just the sort of forum I would like to set up. It is very polite, very helpful and seems to avoid the sort of flare up so common with internet forum!

If anyone reading this knows of such a forum/discussion group I would love to hear about it. If not, if anyone would be interested in joining such a group please let me know.

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