Saturday, 6 June 2009

Blog Review 10

Wargame Rules

All of this week has been taken up with getting the wargame rules on blog. The blog contains all of the rules in full. There is also a demo game in words and photographs to illustrate how the rules work. There is a seperate page for each move. Current orders are shown, plus dice rolls for firing and morale.

The demo game is a real wargame, namely Helmstedt. It was not planned as a demo, but as it progressed I realised that showing so much details in each battle report would be boring.

Wargames in Spain

This blog is designed to show the wargames we have fought since we arrived in Spain. I had already taken photographs of each game, but not always described it as a battle report. They will appear in the order they were played.

These games are not part of the current 1813 Campaign.

Magdeburg Campaign

This blog covers the current mini campaign, within the context of the overall 1813 Campaign. It is designed to show all the current map moves and battle reports in one place. And when the mini campaign is resolved there will be a new blog for the next mini campaign

The battle of Helmstedt was the major battle so far in this campaign. However as I am using this battle as the Demo Game for the Wargame Rules blog, and as the battle report is too complicated, I will be altering the campaign slightly.

If you are following the blog, you will note that Helmstedt has been removed. In the next few days I will be doing updating this campaign, and its history will change slightly.

Walking Napoleonic Battlefields

Finally finished Waterloo, and have started on our first visit to Portugal and Spain with Holts Battlefield Tours.

Plans for the coming week

First I want to sort out the Magdeburg Campaign.

I am still not happy with the battle reports, and I will be experimenting with that.

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