Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Rosenheim Campaign – Day 1

Campaign Map on 3 October 1813 

The campaign opens with all four Bavarian and Baden corps advancing to the river Isar.  

The four Austrian corps have orders to hold and resupply

Campaign Notes
In this campaign the river can only be crossed by the bridges shown.

The Austrians hold all roads crossing the river, but there are a number of bridges in between the roads which are not covered.

Normally I allow all rivers to be fordable by cavalry and infantry, and artillery must use bridges.  This is to allow the attackers an opportunity to outflank the defenders.   This allows me to fight wargames where there is a weak defender who can hold the bridge, but not the whole river line.

However this is a major river, and would not be fordable.  So the attacking army will have to find a way to outflank the defenders during the map phase, so that they are on the opposite bank at the start of the wargame.

Although the three Austrian corps holding the river are equally spread, the bend in the river makes the 1st corps at Rosenheim particularly vulnerable.

At the start of the campaign all four Austrian corps have orders to hold.  1st Austrian corps is held in reserve at Traunstein, so that it can move support any corps under attack.

All four Bavarian/Baden corps are ordered to advance to the river Isar and pin the enemy corps opposite them.   They are not allowed to enter the adjacent square unless a battle/wargame is declared.  And none want to fight a battle where the river is defended.

10th corps in the north crosses the river to pin 2nd Austrian corps.  They can do this because the Austrians are a full square away from the river and bridge.

12th corps is unable to cross the river, and must halt on the west bank.  This is because 4th Austrian corps is in the adjacent square to the river.

The main attack is against Rosenheim.   11th corps have moved south and crossed the river.   9th corps has moved east and replaced 11th corps opposite Rosenheim.

The Austrians must now decide whether to hold Rosenheim with 3rd corps, and bring up 1st corps to support.   However it will take 8 hours/wargame moves to arrive in the square to the right of the city.  

9th and 11th Bavarian corps will be in contact at the start of move 1.   It is unlikely that 3rd Austrian corps will be able to hold for 8 moves before support arrives.

If 3rd Austrian corps retreats the Bavarians will have gained a foothold on the east bank and will have taken the campaign objective.   However whether they can hold it when the Austrians counter attack is a different matter.

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