Sunday, 20 May 2018

Fighting in a Built Up Area (BUA)

Move 8

British move first
1 and 2 Infantry ordered to assault farm
3 and 4 infantry advance
Cavalry advance
Artillery unlimber

1 British assault, 2D6+1, roll 11
Defender 20% casualties and rout
Attacker 10% casualties and disordered

2 British assault, 2D6+1, roll 7
Defender 20% casualties and shaken
Attacker 10% casualties and disordered

Attacker suffer 20% casualties and both brigades disordered
Defender suffer 40% casualties (plus 10% already) and rout

30 French infantry are within 4” of farm and must test morale for rout
1D6+1, roll 1, total 2.   Fail morale and is shaken

French move second
31 Infantry move towards farm
Artillery manhandle towards farm

The French garrison have lost the melee and routed into the centre of the farm
Their support (30 infantry) have lost their morale and are shaken
It is quite likely they will join the rout next move
32 French infantry are pinned in square by the hussars
31 French infantry move towards the farm
French artillery also move to close range of the farm
When the garrison has moved out the artillery will be able to fire on the new garrison

The buildings have been removed to allow for measurement of routs and movement

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