Sunday, 25 March 2018

New Campaign Map of Spain


Work is going well on combining my existing campaign maps with the Murat series of wargame maps.   The aim is to have a series of five maps for each campaign phase, all of which will be based on the same information.

The five maps will be

Map One - Europe with each grid square being a campaign area
Map Two - Germany or Spain with each square being one days march
Map Three - Campaign area similar to map two but with more detail
Map Four – Campaign phase area showing all terrain detail
Map Five – Wargame map to transfer battles from campaign to wargames table


This is a combination of my original map of Spain and the Murat map of Portugal and Spain.   The grid is my original one and each square is one days march.  The towns are those shown on Murat.   Note that quite a few squares are not named.

North Spain

This is the campaign area for the Wellington v Soult part of the 1813 campaign.   All squares now have a named town.   The larger cities are each a campaign phase.   However some compromise will be required because they are not evenly spaced as they were on my original map.

The next stage is to produce a strategic map for the next phase of the campaign in Northern Spain.    This will be show a section of North Spain, but with more detail

The final stage will be to produce a wargames map.   This will have a grid which shows the exact terrain which will be used on the wargames table.


James Fisher said...

Excellent resources Paul.

I was thinking that your grid maps of Spain/northern Spain were excellent for a wargames campaign, then I read that you are going to drill down two further levels! Wow, that is amazing and a heap of work. Still, as with all preparatory research/work there is enjoyment and edification in doing it and the result in ease of game play (and campaign in your case) is well worth it, isn't it?

thistlebarrow said...

Hi James.

Thanks for your comment, and glad that you are enjoying it.

Map making has largely replaced the time I used to spend painting model solders. Being retired I have plenty of time and I need an ongoing project. I don’t want to mess about with the 1813 campaign too much. I am sometimes tempted to start a completely new campaign, but the current one works so well that it would be difficult to improve on.

I have never been really happy with my maps. I am not very artistic, but I am a plodder. My early maps were rubbish, but Campaign Cartographer brought them up to a reasonable standard. However I have never been able to create maps which are completely standard from tactical table top to all of Europe. That is what I am working towards at present.

There is still a long way to go, and no doubt it will all be recorded on the blog.