Sunday, 8 October 2017

1813 Campaign Review

I have started work on the next phase of the campaign, which will be set in Southern Spain.   In preparation I have been updating the maps, and making some new ones.   It seemed a good time to review the campaign to date.

The campaign started in April 2009 as a solo campaign.   I converted it to PBEM in September 2009 and back to solo again in February 2016.   The campaign maps and rules have changed during that period, and it even went into 1814 for a few months before returning to 1813 again!   However the basic concept has remained unchanged.   It is a fictional campaign with a series of mini campaigns, which I call phases.   There are five campaign areas, three in Germany and two in Spain.   It is designed to provide good wargames and to make use of all of my model soldiers and buildings.

It is difficult to calculate the total campaign phases, because when it was PBEM all five campaign areas were in play at the same time.   When it is solo only one campaign area is gamed at a time, and each of the five are gamed in sequence.  This is to allow me to make use of the different wargame armies and scenery in rotation.   However I do know from the campaign records that since 2009 the campaign has provided 111 battles to wargame. 

Since the PBEM campaign was converted back to solo in February 2016 there have been 23 campaign phase, and the location and winner of each is shown on the map above.    If you click on the map it will enlarge and make it easier to understand.   The French only won nine of those phases, and the Austrians remain undefeated after five campaigns.

The next campaign will be set in Linares in Southern Spain, and is the hex with the white star.   I expect to be able to start the campaign this week, and hope to post an introduction here on the blog next week.

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