Saturday, 11 February 2017

End of Erlangen Campaign Phase

Strategic map of campaign area showing location of battles fought

I really wanted Third French Army, who have three Bavarian and one Baden corps, to win this phase of the campaign.

This is the fifth phase of the campaign set in Southern Germany, and the Austrians have won all five.   At the end of the fourth phase the Bavarian/Baden Army had been driven out of Bavaria, and I needed a victory to keep them on the map!

They lost the first battle of this campaign, but won the second.   They then lost the next two, but recovered more quickly than the Austrian Army, who had advanced beyond their lines of supply.

Despite being outnumbered Marshal Oudinot ordered his four corps to attack Erlangen.   The battle covered such a wide area that it had to be fought as two wargames.   Oudinot lost both.

The campaign lasted 6 campaign days and was fought from 6 December 2016 to 2 February 2017.  

Three battles were fought on 27 May, and one large one on 2 June

Since this campaign began on 1 March 1813, there have been 20 battles in southern Germany.   The Austrians have won 12.

This is a good example of how the campaign takes on a life of its own.   I would prefer a more even outcome for the battles, and even more so for the campaign phases.   Each phase is a mini campaign lasting 5-10 campaign days.  

If one side keeps losing they keep retreating, eventually they will retreat off the campaign map!

To avoid the campaign moving into France I will now have to devise a reason for the Schwartzenberg to retreat, even though they have won all five phases.

Perhaps the fiercely independent Bavarian people will rise and retake Munich?

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