Saturday, 6 February 2016

Final PBEM Campaign Battle

Battle of Stuttgart

We have finally completed the battle of Stuttgart, which is the last battle of the PBEM campaign.  The wargame was set up before Christmas, but not started until 13 January.   There were only 10 moves, but it still took almost four weeks.

Over the past year we have wargamed 58 campaign battles, which is more than one a week – even allowing for holidays.   So why would it take almost four weeks to game the last one?

I could offer many excuses.    Since we returned from Christmas in the UK we have formed a new weekly walking group.   Hill walking is our second love, and we do it at least twice a week.   A lot of the energy and enthusiasm that went into running the PBEM campaign has been diverted to forming the second walking group.

Over the past two weeks we have done a lot of decorating.   We have had a mild winter here in Spain, and have repainted all of our outdoor railings.

So our time has been filled with activity.   I have always claimed that you always find time to do the things you really want to do, and I still believe that.   So the real reason is that I have lost interest in wargaming.   But hopefully only for a short time.

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