Sunday, 4 October 2015

Future of the PBEM Campaign

Since it started almost six years ago, the biggest problem with the PBEM campaign has been finding suitable players to take part.   There are ten command posts, so I require ten players.

From the start I recruited on TMP, OSW, LAF and a couple of other forum.   Plus, of course, on the Yahoo Campaign Forum.   There has never been much feedback on any of the forum, but I have always managed to get the players required.   Over the years more than 80 players have taken part.

So it is disappointing that I have not received a single reply to my latest recruiting post.

There has never been much general interest on the forum about the campaign, and usually no response to my post about the campaign vacancy.   But it is the first time that no one has asked to join the campaign.

So perhaps it is time to start thinking about life after the PBEM.

There are still eight players in the current campaign, and I will keep running it until they have all left.  But I will not bother to advertise on the forum anymore.

So it is likely that as each player leaves I will have to close down his command, and eventually the whole campaign will grind to a stop.

Hopefully that will not be for some time, but I will need to start work on a replacement solo campaign.   I will still need a campaign to produce wargames.

I will miss the influence of other players, but I will not miss the hassle that goes with it.   Nor will I miss the large amount of administration involved in running such a large campaign.

On balance it is still sad that the PBEM campaign would appear to be entering its final phase.

But it is quite exciting that I can design a new solo campaign.

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