Saturday, 14 March 2015

Campaign Confusion

We have started the 1813 campaign, which is now entering its fourth day.   But only three of the proposed five campaign areas are activated.

Meanwhile the 1814 campaign is still going strong, with two of its original six campaign areas still working.   

The campaign is manual, with all of the records kept on my main computer.   However my computer needs a new hard drive and my “computer man” is putting in a new one and transferring everything from the old one.

Meanwhile I have my laptop in use.   There is too much information on the desktop to transfer it all to the laptop, especially for only a few days.   However I do backup the whole campaign on Dropbox, so I was not worried that I could manage OK.  

Its only two days, and already both campaign are in meltdown!

I thought that I had updated Dropbox before I said goodbye to my desktop.   But it is now obvious that I did not backup EVERYTHING.   99% is ok, but the 1% missing is causing the problems.   The missing 1% is, of course, the very latest amendments to the campaign.  And, of course, that is exactly what I need all the time.

I thought that I had a good grasp of who is doing what even without the computer.   But this morning it was brought home how wrong I am.  

I receive about ten emails each day updating the campaign or asking questions.   The one which caused the problem was about “marching to the sound of the guns”.   I should have just acknowledged receipt, but I went on to give an update on what was happening with that particular army.   Unfortunately I mixed it up with another army who had raised a similar problem a couple of days ago.

I realised my mistake within an hour, but the reply was already sent.  So I had to send another email to the confused commander explaining how it happened.   Very much a matter of real life “fog of war”.

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