Sunday, 1 February 2015

Perhaps a New Campaign

new campaign areas in Germany

We are still wargaming the backlog of battles in our current PBEM campaign, and that has slowed down the rest of the campaign.   This has left me with more time to fill, as I do not have to process twelve sets of campaign orders each week.

Not for the first time my thoughts have turned to starting a new campaign.   The current one is almost two years old, and still going strong.   I could continue with as long as I can find replacement army commanders.   But I would like to put all the lessons learned over those two years into a new campaign.

I would like to streamline the campaign administration, and change the format of the campaign diary blog.   I have designed the current campaign to provide all of the information I would like to find in a campaign as a player, but that involves a lot of administration.  And I am not sure that the players need that amount of detail.

It is in very early stages so far, and I may well decide that it is not worth changing at all.

At present I have a general outline.   The main purpose of the campaign will still be to provide interesting battles for Jan and I to wargame.   It will be reduced to six campaign areas, three in Germany and two in Spain

The three in Germany will cover the same area as historical campaigns.   In the north the Prussians will fight out the 1813 campaign area.  In the centre the Russians will cover the 1806 campaign area.   In the south the Austrians will operate over the 1805 campaign area.

 new campaign areas in Spain

In Spain the British will follow the 1814 campaign area.   The Spanish will be the exception.   They never fought a successful campaign on their own, so I have invented a fictional one where they start at Seville and march on Madrid

The maps should the general campaign areas.    These are provisional, and may well chance when I start to work on the detail

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