Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wargame Building Project

We have finally completed the last of the scratch built buildings for France and Germany.   There is sufficient for two farms and four town sections.   This photo shows all of them as they would be used in a wargame.   All of the buildings are scratch built, the trees are commercial.

A different angle, and slightly closer.   You can see the scale from the 28mm figures marching on the road.
This angle shows the layout of the farms.   The buildings and walls can be rearranged if required, and the buildings could be used as part of a village rather than a farm.   But we find we often need two farms or villages as well as the named town.
All of the built up areas are based on felt squares which define the footprint of the farm, village or town.   This is so that the buildings can be removed to allow for movement and melee

This completes the first stage of our model building, which is designed for use in France and Germany.   Next comes buildings for use in Spain


Jacko said...


They look great Paul well done.

Paul J (Marmont)

thistlebarrow said...

Hi Paul


We have both enjoyed making the, and deciding what types of building we needed next.

Its great to see them all on the table together.

Now looking forward to the Spanish buildings.