Sunday, 9 March 2014

Battle of Oberstein

This week’s wargame is the latest in our PBM 1814 campaign.

The background is that the Russian army is invading France.
Their objective is the city of Luxembourg.
Oberstein is a small town on the main Darmstadt to Luxembourg road
It is held by three French corps.
The Russians attack with four corps

The French deploy to hold the town, and the two valleys leading to it.
They have sufficient artillery to make an attack down either valley very costly

The Russians deploy their heavier artillery to weaken the French infantry
The infantry and cavalry move over the high ground to avoid the enemy artillery
This slows down the Russian advance considerably.

In our rules artillery roll 2D6, and require at least 8, for a hit on infantry
They require a total of 11 when firing on enemy artillery

Because of their longer range, the Russian guns could fire on the French infantry
The French artillery had only gun crews to return fire on
The Russian infantry and cavalry advanced over the four hills.

It was to be one of those games where the Russians could do nothing right.

The Russian guns fired on the French infantry twelve times. 
They hit only twice.  
Both times the French infantry passed their morale test and stood

With only two moves left the Russian infantry and cavalry finally reached the French
The cavalry lead, with the infantry columns behind
The French cavalry were waiting for them

The French cavalry were heavier than the Russian.
Cossacks charged French guard cavalry, with predictable results
Then Russian cuirassiers charged French cuirassiers 
Again the French horse won the melee

With only one move left the Russian commander accepted defeat
He called off the attack and left the French in possession of Oberstein

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