Saturday, 18 January 2014

PBEM Campaign Update

The great thing about the campaign is that one thing always leads to another.

Having decided to introduce the new supply system, in order to reduce the ease of fighting large battles, I now have to sort out the administration to do it.

I had anticipated that I would introduce the new supply system as the end of each campaign phase.   This would spread the workload over a long period, as each of the six campaigns last about three months.

But then I realised how complicated it would be to have different supply rules for different campaign areas, but to have to update all of the campaign areas at the same time.   So I decided to introduce it in all areas on 16th March 1814.

Most players were happy to do so, but almost all wanted to end the current phase and start a new one at the same time that the new supply rules are introduced.   This is perfectly understandable.  The consequences of the new supply system will be to change the whole strategic concept of the campaign.  This would be very difficult to do mid campaign.

But then one player wanted to keep the old system, as he was wanted to take advantage of a recent minor victory.  Again perfectly understandable.

So as well as wargaming the last of the backlog of battles, I have been busy making new maps and updating orders of battle.  

When I started the campaign I kept the Imperial Guard in reserve, in case the French were over run and the allies marching on Paris too quickly.  In fact this has not happened, and the Guard have sat on the shelves gathering dust.   So as the same time that the supply rules are changed, I am allocating one Guard corps to each of the four armies in France (none for Spain).

All is just about done.  I have made new maps for five of the six campaign areas.   Three of the six have received their new starter packs, and I am waiting for the players to confirm their initial deployment. 

All of this has been achieved despite the fact that my desktop computer developed a hard drive problem.  This resulted in a visit by my “computer man” who confirmed he would have to take it away to sort it out.  This in turn meant that all of the campaign files had to be transferred to my laptop. 

All is now looking good.   I should be able to send out the remaining starter packs during the coming week.  By this time next week we should be completely transferred to the new supply system.

But, as I have learned from bitter experience, things rarely go as planned.

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