Sunday, 4 August 2013

Granddad’s Toy Soldiers

My son and his young family have just spent their annual two weeks summer holiday with us.   When I met them at the airport Jack, aged 6, was excited about a present he had bought his granddad (me).   He wouldn’t say what it was, but kept talking about it during the hour drive home.

When we arrived he insisted his mum open their suitcase and handed me a gift wrapped box.   When I opened it I found a mounted knight.   Jack explained that it was to go with my toy soldiers.   Despite the late hour he insisted I take him to the wargames room and put him with the other toy soldiers. 

Not sure what Napoleon and his marshals make of this brightly coloured newcomer.   But he now takes pride of place in my collection.

His dad was never interested in model soldiers and Wargaming.   When he was Jack’s age he would sometimes use the wargames table to race his toy cars, but as he grew older he never developed any interest in Wargaming at all.   All of his friends were always asking about it, but never him.

We thought that Jack might like to roll a few dice for us, but he would not be tempted away from his Superman computer game.   Perhaps when he is a little older?

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