Sunday, 18 August 2013

Allied Victory in 1814 Campaign

Marshal Marmont has suffered the first defeat of the campaign.

The campaign objective of Fourth French Army was to hold the most southern section of the border between Mulhouse and St Imier.     In particular they needed to hold the border town of Atkirch.

The French attacked twice in this campaign.  The first time they caught the Bavarians as odds of two to one and won.  They tried to repeat the formula.   Marmont concentrated all four of his corps and attacked 1st and 4th Bavarian corps at Atkirch.   Despite an early success the arrival of 2nd and 3rd corps turned the battle in favour of the allies.   By nightfall 12th and 16th French corps were in rout to the west, 6th and 24th corps had been forced to retreat to the north.

This comprehensive defeat signals the end of the first phase of the campaign, but not the whole campaign.   This is only one of the six campaigns areas, and the remaining five will carry on as usual.

The French will retreat to the west.   Both armies will regroup and be reinforced.   A new campaign will begin shortly.

This series of short and independent phases of the campaign were planned from the start.   Each should last about three months and hopefully provide three or four battles/wargames.   When one side wins we make a fresh start.

This means that players are only committed for about three months.  If one player makes a real hash of his command it doesn’t matter.  When the next phase starts it is with a full strength army on a new map with a new objective.

So over the next week or so I will be making out new maps and working out campaign objectives.

I will need to replace at least one of the two commanders. 

So if anyone would like to take part they would be very welcome.

The campaign is likely to take about three months.  You will play the role of the Bavarian Army commander.  You will be given an objective and have four corps to achieve it.   You will be required to write orders once a week, which should not take more than half an hour.   The campaign rules are quite short and simple.   Most of the detailed work is done by me, you only have to plan your campaign, issue orders to your four corps on how you want them to achieve it, and adjust their orders as the campaign develops.

If you would like to take part you need to join the Campaign Forum at

When you join let me know that you want to take part in the campaign.

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