Sunday, 10 February 2013

Campaigns of Napoleon

Italy and Mantua Campaign Area

I have now completed the second phase of this solo campaign.

The first was the Piedmont campaign set in April 1796.   It lasted three months and provided just two wargames.

The phase I have just completed deals with Wurmster’s first attempt to raise the siege of Mantua in July 1796.  This one lasted two months, but provided three games.

The next phase will deal with Wurmster’s second attempt to raise the siege.

The campaign has not provided as many wargames, or as quickly, as I had anticipated.   It also takes more time to run the campaign.  I could, of course, change the campaign to be simpler to run.   But I find I actually enjoy researching the campaign than I expected.

This is largely because Jan and I spent a couple of weeks exploring the battlefields around Lake Garda some years ago.  And researching the actual campaign brought back many happy memories.

This campaign is only to fill time when the 1813 PBEM campaign is going slow, so I only have to please myself.   But I may look at ways of providing battles more often.

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