Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Gera 1813 campaign

This is the tenth phase of our 1813 campaign.

Wittgenstein has recently taken command of the Russian army in central Germany from Kutuzov, who has resigned due to ill health.   The new commander is determined to equal the recent success of Blucher in northern Germany.   He has ordered an advance to the river Saale.

Napoleon commands the First French Army who are deployed along the west bank of the river Saale.   He is determined to strike at the Russians and drive them back to Dresden.  This will expose the southern flank of the Prussian army and force Blucher to fall back to Madgeburg.

That is the background to the Gera campaign.   It will be played as a PBEM campaign, and there are three corps commanders on each side.   The campaign is expected to last no more than three months.

If previous campaigns are anything to go by there will be a need for replacement corps commanders during the campaign.  Anyone who would like to take part should join the forum and let me know:

There is a new blog for the campaign diary, which includes a summary of the whole 1813 campaign, a diary of the Gera phase and will have detailed battle reports.    You can find it here

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