Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Strategic Map for Gera PBEM Campaign

Campaign Strategic Map

The next phase of the PBEM campaign will be set in central Germany and the objective will be the capture of Gera.

This is the strategic map which will be sent to each corps commander. It is a section of the map of Central Germany. The square reference in the top left is the same as on the map of Germany and of Central Germany.

Gera is shown at the centre of the map, as is Dresden, Halle and Gotha. All play an important part in the main 1813 campaign. Dresden is the main base for the Russian Army, Gotha for the First French Army. Halle is the link between First and Second French armies.
This map is not used for campaign movement, it is only to place this stage of the campaign in the overall 1813 campaign.

Gera will be the second phase set in this area. The previous one was the Halle campaign which
covered the campaign dates 17 June to 11 July 1813, and was the third phase of the 1813 campaign. It’s 14 August 1813 in the present Tortosa phase of the campaign, just five weeks later. We played the campaign August to October 2009. So five campaign weeks has taken 2 and a half years! You will find the blog of that campaign here http://1813hallecampaign.blogspot.com/

The next step is to make the tactical campaign map. This is the one which will be sent to players to plot their movement.

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