Saturday, 28 April 2012

New Blog for Gera Campaign

I have started work on the Campaign Diary Blog for the next  phase of the 1813 campaign.

This will be the seventh phase of the campaign, and I start a new blog  for each phase so that I can keep everything to do with that phase seperate and easy to link to.   Each  blog has a brief history of the campaign to date, then a short introduction to the new phase together with orders of battle.   There is also a diary with a description of each move, and a detailed report of each battle.  Finally a short summery of the whole phase.

Since I converted to PBEM I have had  to be careful  not to  put too much information on the blog, particularly in the campaign diary.   So the final summary is where I can explain the whole progress of the campaign phase.

The first few entries will  deal with the history of the campaign.

If  you would like to follow it  you will find a link in the labels on the right.  

Or you can follow this link:

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