Monday, 19 March 2012

Second battle of Miravat

table at the start of the battle

Once again the PBEM campaign has provided a most unusual and interesting wargame.

The French have defeated the Spanish and forced them to retire west of the river Ebro, thus raising the siege of Miravat. Instead of retreating to the safety of their supports, the French enter the town to prevent the Spanish returning east of the river.

The British advance north and deploy within striking distance of Miravat. They have written to urge the Spanish to support them by attacking across the river, and wait one day for them to do so.

Although clearly outnumbered two to one, the French do not take this opportunity to retreat to the east.

Instead of waiting for the Spanish to attack, the British move to the attack on their own. Even though they are outnumbered and the French in a strong defensive position.

Not a game I would have chosen to set up, but a very interesting one despite that.

Although they will start the game on the table, the Spanish will not be allowed to advance unless they receive orders from the campaign corps commander to do so. He will have the option at the end of move 4, and again at the end of move 8. The game is expected to last 12 moves.

If the Spanish join the attack the French must surely be destroyed. If they don’t the British stand a strong chance of a comprehensive defeat.

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