Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Major Review of our Wargame Rules

Reason for Review

The rules were designed to fight large battles with three or four corps per side, and with all brigades starting the battle at full strength. We have used them for this type of game for five years, and we enjoy the game they produce

However the PBEM campaign has resulted in more battles with just one corps per side, and often with heavy casualties at the start of the battle. This has created a number of problems with the rules, and for some time we have adjusted them to suit the new style of game.

The time has come now to review the whole rules to make them more suitable for the type of games produced by the PBEM campaign.

I want to keep changes to the mechanics of the rules to a minimum, and only bring in changes where absolutely necessary.

The two major problems at present are the use of Poor Card and use of the Command Points.

Review of Command Points

At present there is a real problem for the attacking player. The allocation of CPs are just too few to move and fight the six fighting elements. This is a pretty central part of the rules, and any changes will be far reaching. So its important to test play them to make sure that changing them does not create more problems than it solves.

The present rules are designed for five commanders per side, one CinC and four corps commanders. The CinC only commands the four corps commanders. Each corps commander commands six fighting elements.

The new games often have only one commander. He still commands six fighting elements, but they often start the game with casualties from previous games. Worse still at the end of the last campaign some commanders had to fight with just one or two fighting elements.

First Proposed Solution

Not only the corps commander, but also the six command elements, will roll for CP.

The corps commander CP will issue general orders to his brigades.

The brigade CP will decide whether they can move, change formation fire or fight when required to do so.

The corps commander will get an extra CP if Gifted, and lose one if Poor

The brigade will get an extra CP if A class, but lose one if C class. In addition they will lose one for each casualty. So when full strength they will do most of what is required, but as the casualties mount they will be unable to do so.

This will create an interesting problem when the corps commander is planning his battle. He will have to consider where to place his best, and worse, brigade

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