Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Spot the Difference

New Campaign Tactical Map

I recently suggested that the latest battle might be the end of our PBEM campaign, but far from it.

Peine was an excellent wargame, and concluded with a resounding Prussian victory. However not in the end of the campaign as expected.

Three of the four corps on each side were fighting at Peine. The Prussians won, and one French corps routed towards Hanover. The remaining two corps withdraw north to Celle. But the fourth French corps has appeared at Brunswick, cutting the Prussian lines of supply. The position of the Prussians prevent the French communicating with each other, so the players have to decide whether to attack or retreat using only the information available to them. Complicated enough so far. But it gets worse.

The French corps retreating to Hanover may decide to fight there, but the tactical map does not cover that city. So I have had to make a new campaign tactical map. I am sure that ProFantasy must be capable of amending the previous one, but I am not capable of doing it. I did ask for, and receive, advice on their forum. But it all proved too complicated for a simple soul like me. So I have copied part of the old map and added a new section. In doing so it is quite likely that I have made some errors.

The new map is above. The old one below. If you have nothing better to do you might like to compare them both. If you find any errors do let me know.

Old Tactical Map

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