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The Battle of Rosche

The battle of Rosche

We have started the first of the two battles to be fought on 30 July 1813

The Prussians are taking quite a risk in offering battle, because they still have a considerable number of casualties from a previous battle. They have six in total, which does not seem too many. One infantry brigade only has one, a second two and a third three. But each casualty is really 10% and reduces fighting and morale ability.

It’s quite hard to inflict casualties in our rules. Skirmish fire requires a total of 6 with one D6, plus 1-3 depending on the skirmish quality of the brigade. Artillery fire requires 8 with 2D6 for a hit.

If the French are unlucky with their firing, then the Prussians may just pull it off. Particularly if their artillery have good dice. Fortunately both cavalry brigades are without casualties and both are heavy, so any cavalry melee with be on equal terms.

With our rules its morale which makes the big difference. Each brigade requires at least 3 with 1D6 to make their morale. They get plus for supports and better class of troops. But minus for casualties, nearby rout or poor quality troops. So the Prussian brigades with 2 and 3 casualties are pretty fragile.

The game has just started, with the French marching towards the deployed Prussian corps. It will take 3-4 moves for them to deploy and start their advance towards the Prussian line. Then it will be down to the luck of the dice.

This is not the sort of game we would have chosen to fight, and was forced on us by campaign decisions. But I must admit that it produces interesting tactical problems, as the Prussians try to avoid casualties and the French are desperate to inflict at least one or two at long range. If the French are forced to advance against steady infantry and artillery they could easily attract sufficient casualties to lose their initial advantage.

You can follow the battle report by using the 1813 Campaign Diary on the right under My Blog List.

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