Thursday, 2 June 2011

Wargaming Weekend

A couple of weeks ago my friend and his wife, who have also retired to Spain and live a couple of hours south of us, had to cancel a weekend visit due to ill health. I had set up Souaren, the next in my occasional series "Wellington's Battles", for us to game.

Because of the cancellation I had to dismantle the wargames table to fight a campaign battle. This was the one where we started the game with casualties from a previous campaign battle. We have just finished, and it was a most enjoyable game.

Paul and his wife arrive tomorrow for their delayed visit, and I am going to offer him a similar game using the same scenery. The scenario is slightly different. Same casualties, but a slightly different table. And both sides entering from opposite ends of the table, so a more even game. He will have choice of sides, or we will dice for sides.

It will be interesting to see how well the game plays with a different opponent. Jan and I play very amicable games. We rarely disagree, and when we do are always prepared to roll a dice to decide. Our home grown rules are now into their fifth year, so they have been adjusted to suit our style of play. Paul has a very good grasp of the rules, and he can always be relied on to come up with the unexpected. So it should be a good game.

In the past Jan and I have agreed to stop and game and start again once or twice. Usually due to a run of either high or low dice, which game one side an unfair advantage. When we have done so, I have often been surprised how different the two games turn out - even though we both kept the same side. In our rules so much depends on the luck of the dice, or lack of it. This ensures that each game is completely different, even though the order of battle and terrain may be the same.

I will not be doing a battle report on this game. To do so I have to take photographs at the end of each move, and it does tend to distract from the game. Jan is used to it, and we usually only play 3 or 4 moves each day anyway. But I fear it might well spoil the game for Paul. So no battle report, but I will let you know how it went.

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