Saturday, 2 April 2011

First PBEM Campaign Battle

Battle of Uelzen

We have just started on the first wargame of the new PBEM campaign.

These early battles, usually one corps v one corps, are small and quite simple. But it’s interesting to have to fight someone else’s battle plan, or at least start the game with it.

In the latest battle the French have deployed in front of a town which they want to defend. Not something I would have done, as it’s always easier to hold the town itself as a strong point. But because the deployment was detailed in the campaign orders, we had to start the wargame using it.

As always the game will go to the player with the better luck on the dice. So the deployment may, or may not, be decisive.

We also feel a lot more aware that our tactics will be subject to a lot more potential criticism than previously. I quite like that, but Jan is not so sure.

Given that the whole aim of the campaign is to provide good wargames, there really was no alternative than to post a detailed battle report on the Campaign Diary blog. I thought that this would result in a higher degree of satisfaction from the players, but now I am not so sure. The only comments so far have been negative, which is disappointing. But I guess people feel more strongly when they feel something has gone wrong, than they do when something has gone right.

The campaign will really come into its own after the first two or three battles have been fought. Then the corps commanders will then have to decide whether to continue to use a corps with medium casualties, and risk it being destroyed. Or halt for 24 hours to allow casualties to return, and perhaps allow the beaten enemy to escape. In previous campaigns we have never got to that stage, but I am hoping that we will do so this time.

Meanwhile if you would like to follow the first battle report you will find it at

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