Sunday, 5 September 2010

Austerlitz and Vienna

Brunn Castle

The last day of our visit was always going to be a long one, but it seemed even longer suffering from the after effects of a visit to a local wine cellar the preivous evening. It was a very quiet group, with obvious sore heads, who met for breakfast.

The timetable included a visit to Brunn Castle, drive to Vienna and visit the famous military musuem there before catching a late afternoon flight back to London. It was a dry and clear morning and we all agreed to give up an hour or so in Vienna in return for a return visit to Zurlan Hill.

On our previous visit we could see little due to heavy rain and low clouds. What a difference today was. It was obvious why Napoleon had chosed this hill as the site of his command post, as it offers excellent views of the whole battlefield.

It was ideal for panoramic photographs of the battle field. My camera was not really up to the task, but you can see what I achieved at:

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