Sunday, 25 July 2010

Battle of Talavera

Once again most of the week has been devoted to map making. Lots of progress made, and I have almost finished the tactical maps. Being a newcomer to ProFantasy this is very much a learning experience for me. I am learning something new with each map I make, and I often then have to go back and amend or even redraw the earlier maps.

The latest such distraction was due to something which I really should have thought about earlier. The strategic and tactical maps are in different scales, and I have been experimenting with the size of roads and buildings. Having finished both of the strategic maps (Germany and Spain) I have now moved onto the tactical maps. I completed the first two (Magdeburg and Tarragona) and started work on the third (Halle). Only then did I realise that the scale for all three tactcal maps were slightly different. So I had to redraw most of Madgeburg and Tarragona.

Fortunately I had not yet started on the wargame maps, which will be a different scale yet. But I have made a note of the scales for each map so I will not make the same mistake again.

The campaign is on hold until I complete the maps and update the blogs. So for our daily wargame fix Jan and I have returned to our Wellington's Battles series. The fourth in the series will be Busaco.

I have put Part One, which deals with the background to the battle and wargame, on the blog. We will be fighting the wargame during the coming week and I will post a battle report of each days progress.

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