Monday, 28 June 2010

Map Making Progress

Now that our visitors have left I am able to concentrate on making the ProFantasy maps for the next phase of my 1813 Campaign. This is the fifth, and final, phase of the opening moves of the campaign.

The earlier phases have been French v Prussians in northern Germany, French v Russians in central Germany, French v Spanish in eastern Spain and French/Bavarian v Austrian in southern Germany.

This phase will be French v British in western Spain. It will cover Wellington’s initial moves to drive the French from Spain, and will deal with the campaign to take Valladolid.

All of Spain Strategic Map

This is the strategic map for all of Spain. It shows the terrain features and the regional and national borders. It is possible to zoom in and put more detail on the map. But I want all of my maps to be used as A4 hard copies. This map will only be used to show the location of armies, not the detailed movement of corps. Each square is one days march.

North West Spain Strategic Map

This is the strategic map for Wellington’s campaign. It shows the terrain and borders as in map 1. But it also shows the major roads in red, which connect regional capitols, and the minor ones in yellow, which connect major towns within the region. It also shows minor towns, but not villages. The white area will be the tactical area for the Valladolid campaign. This map will be used for the daily movement of corps until they come within 3-4 miles of each other. Each square is one days march.

Strategic to Tactical map

This is still a strategic map showing the four by three mile area around Valladolid. In addition to the details shown in map 2 it also shows bridges, villages and minor tracks. This map will not be used for map movement; it is only a master map from which to create the tactical map. Each square in one days march.

Passau Tactical Map

I have not made the tactical map for the Valladolid campaign yet. But it will be similar to this one, which was used for the Passau campaign. Each square is one of my 2x2 foot scenery squares which I use to make the wargames table. Each square is one third of one days march.

I am very pleased with the progress I have made with ProFantasy. It was quite difficult to start, but I feel quite confident with it now. The maps look much better than my previous hand drawn ones, and now that I have mastered the basics of ProFantasy are much quicker to make.


Lee said...

Hi Paul,

The map looks great. I'm looking forward to following the campaign here as it develops.

All the best,


thistlebarrow said...

Hi Lee

Thanks for the comment

I am very pleased, and more than a little surprised, that it looks as good as it does. It says a lot more for Profantasy than it does for my ability at map making!

I am also looking forward to the new campaign.

Thanks for following