Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Walking the Pyrenees

The latest blog in Walking Napoleonic Battlefields will deal with our 17 day holiday in the Pyrenees in 1996. The previous holidays were designed to visit as many battlefields as possible and involved a lot of driving to reach each one. This time we were based in the small French village of Sare for the whole holiday, and the aim was to spend more time on each battlefield and explore them in great detail.

On the previous blogs each entry covered a different battlefield, with a brief description of the battle and our visit. This one will be more like a journal of the holiday, and will go into more detail about our exploration of each site.

The first entry covers the planning and preparation for the holiday and can be found at


Lee said...

Hello Paul,
I have been following your wargame blogs for some time now and thought it about time I left a comment! I'm pretty sure I remember you from a series of articles in a wargaming magazine many years ago when you were looking for a house with a wargames room in Salisbury to house a large 25mm Napoleonic collection? was that you? Apologies if not. Anyway, wanted to say I have enjoyed reading your many posts and battle reports.

I have just recently started a new Napoleonic collection in 28mm after a long break from the hobby and have found inspiration in your work. I have been looking at your rules and I like them so I may try to organise my new armies along similar lines. I'm reading my way through your battle reports to get a feel for how the rules work in practice but much of what you say appeals to me.

I have a link to your blog on my own blog and wonder if you might care to take a look, still early stages but I'm painting both British and French forces of the 'Waterloo' campaign using Perry Miniatures. Its at:

Best wishes to yourself and your wife, lovely lifestyle you have out there :-) We're lucky enough to live by the Kent coast...... just the weather lets it down!

Keep up the great work,



thistlebarrow said...

Hi Lee

Thanks for your kind comments. Its always nice to receive feedback, especially encouraging ones like yours.

The article was "I did it my way" and it was a long time ago - about early 1980s? I am impressed that you remember it.

We lived in Salisbury for 22 years and ran a weekly wargames group throughout that entire period. One of my old wargame friends from the club is about to retire from the army and is retiring to Spain - just an hour from Parcent.

I have had a quick look at your blog, and see that you will have a relatively small table. My own is just 6x6 foot, and to have corps sized games requires pretty small brigades. My rules, and this size of game, works well for us. And if you want to play multi corps games in 28mm on such a small table you will have to settle for small numbers of figures per corps.

If you do decide to organise your army along similar lines, and would like any advice, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for your kind wishes for Jan and I. We both feel very lucky to be living in such a lovely area and in particular to have left the grey skies behind. There is certainly a lot to be said for retiring to the sun!

Thanks for the link to your blog. I will read through it in the next few days and leave a few comments.

best regards