Tuesday, 2 March 2010

What Next

Now that the PBEM Halle Campaign is wound up I at last have time to plan what comes next. I have been involved in either taking part in, or running, a PBEM campaign for five months. Its been very enjoyable, but I feel I have taken it as far as I can. I also feel that much as I enjoyed taking part in a campaign with other players, I have missed the amount of wargaming which Jan and I could do previously.

I have spent the last week working on the 1813 solo campaign. Last year I played three of the five phases of the first part of the campaign. I am now almost ready to start on the fourth phase, which will be Passau.

The PBEM campaign was very time consuming so I now have quite a bit of time on my hands.

We are back into the walking season here in Spain. Jan and I belong to a walking group, and usually manage to get at least two walks in each week. Last year I started a blog for the group, and for relatives and friends back in UK. I take photographs on each walk, and put up an entry afterwards with a short description. Each blog takes three or four hours to prepare and type up, and that has also eaten into my spare time over the past couple of weeks.

So I now plan to concentrate on three activities.

First will be the new solo campaign. I will be keeping a diary of the campaign on the blog, plus battle reports. I hope to be able to post on the blog each day.

Second will be walking. As the weather improves we will aim to walk three times a week. Each Monday will be our walking group. Wednesday or Saturday will be with the Costa Blanca Mountain Walking group, or a recce of a new walk if they are doing a walk which does not appeal to us.

Third will be Walking Napoleonic Battlefields blog. I am really surprised how long it is taking to cover the battlefields we have followed. I do one blog for each battlefield and already have done more than 30, and have not yet finished Portugal and Spain. When the current one is finished there is another two weeks in the Pyrenees to do. Then there are two visits to Austerlitz, one to east Germany, one to Italy and one to Aspern and Wagram. That lot should keep me busy for a few months yet.

I am really looking forward to starting the Passau campaign and hope to be able to do so later this week.

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