Thursday, 18 February 2010

The Battle of Sorauren

This is one of the easiest and most enjoyable of Wellington’s battlefields to explore. Just a few miles from Pamplona on the road to Roncesvalles you find the picturesque village of Sorauren.

Look to your right and you see the ridge held by the British and Portuguese and attacked by the French. Turn left and you arrive at the bridge where Wellington wrote his famous, and hasty, orders to bring up his reinforcements. The whole area is little changed since 1813.

The ridge is easy to climb, and a short walk brings you to the “bridge” leading to the French hill. An ideal spot to sit and read the history of the battle, and locate the locations mentioned.

Walk down to the river and you will find the bridge, and nearby a convenient ill beside the river. You can sit in the sun, with a cold beer, and see the very spot where Wellington wrote his dispatch.

And if that is not enough it is only 65 miles from Vitoria and about 30 miles from Roncesvalles and Maya. So you can explore four battles within an easy days drive of each other.

Best of all you can use Pamplona as your base for the whole tour.

You can read about our visit here

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