Tuesday, 10 November 2009

1806 PBEM Campaign - No Progress

I was hoping that when I returned from our weekend in Cartagena I would find an update on the 1806 PBEM campaign I had been involved in since July. Unfortunately there was nothing from the umpire, but there were a couple of emails from other players who had not heard anything either.

Its not about a month since anything has happened in the campaign, and about two or three weeks since the last communication. So things are not looking good for the campaign. There may of course be a perfectly good reason for the continued silence, for example last time it was because the local telephone lines had been cut by a builder!

It would be a shame if the whole thing were to just fade away. I don't know about the other players (such seems to be the nature of PBEM), but I put in a lot of effort into planning the campaign and took the part seriously. If there were to be no further contact I doubt that I would bother again.

By comparison my own Magdeburg campaign has been very successful. We have managed a move each day for a month, though a large part of that has been wargaming the critical battle of the campaign. But all 10 players have submitted their orders on time each day, and have apparently put a lot of thought into their role. I will shortly be compiling a summary of the campaign, and asking each player for his comments. I have gained a lot of experience from this first effort at running a PBEM, and am very much looking forward to starting another one next week and correcting the earlier errors.

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