Saturday, 24 October 2009

What Next

Everything seems to be going through a quiet patch this week, and being bored I have been thinking about what to do next.

The 1806 PBEM campaign in which I have been playing the part of Napoleon for a few months, looks like running out of steam. Its been weeks since we stopped our weekly turn system, and the long awaited battle seems to be a very confused affair. I had hoped to play a key role in the battle, but it seems to have started without me. And the little information I receive does not make much sense at all. Its always been difficult to keep track of what is happening, and this has gotten even worse as we got closer to the enemy. The last time a Prussian army appeared I asked for a map showing the situation as Napoleon knew it. This was at 1700 and there were no enemy nearer than one hours march away. I issued orders for a battle based on this map. A few weeks later (real time) I was told that I am under attack and the whole situation had changed, yet it was only 1705 (campaign time). I don't think I am cut out for Play by Email. In a club situation you can talk things through and understand what is happening, this element seems to be missing in this campaign.

Then there is a quiet period in my own 1813 PBEM campaign, as Jan and I wargame the second battle. At least in my own game I understand what is happening, and there is a lot. With daily movement no one will get much chance to become bored. Movement has halted whilst we wargame the battle, but I publish a move each day on the blog, so the players can keep up with what is happening. And the battle/wargame is so vital to the campaign its important that they can understand what is happening in the battle.

Finally the forum is very quiet. I am a little disappointed in the forum, because I had hoped that it would offer an opportunity to exchange ideas and suggestions. But as is often the case with internet forums, most of the membership do not contribute. Most of the members are very experienced wargamers if their introductory posts are anything to go by. But having written very interesting "hello letters" they then seem to disappear. And my attempts to provoke more exchange of ideas seems to have met with a deafening silence.

So I am scratching around for something to keep me occupied. I have started work on a new campaign map for my PBEM campaign. If the wargame goes badly for the Prussians the current one could end quite quickly, so I want to be ready with the next stage. It will also be an opportunity to introduce a lot of new ideas to make the campaign more interesting both for me and for the players.

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