Thursday, 1 October 2009

Progress of PBEM Campaign

I am quite amazed at how much has happened in just 24 hours. It was just yesterday that I decided I would try to open up the 1813 campaign as a PBEM campaign, and put a post on TMP and OSW. I decided that I would use Campaigns of Napoleon as the method of information exchange, so anyone interested would have to join.

Within minutes I started receiving emails, both to join the forum and about the campaign. I had intended to wait and see what response I received before I started work on the campaign. But within half an hour it was clear that there would be enough volunteers to make a start. So I started working on the new blog.

It is based on the Magdeburg campaign which Jan and I played as part of the 1813 campaign, so most of the background was easy. It had to be changed slightly, as this campaign is stand alone and not part of a larger campaign.

Then I had to write new rules and explanations. Although only Jan and I will be playing the wargame I feel that players will want much more detail about the wargame rules and how they affect the game. So I will have to look at a new layout for the battle reports.

I also had to write rules for the campaign, though these are really just a first draft. I am sure that they will change greatly once the campaign gets going.

Its quite exciting and I am really looking forward to how it all works out.

I will continue with the Halle campaign until it is complete. Then the PBEM campaign will replace our 1813 campaign until I see how it works out. I had planned a Danube campaign as the next phase of the 1813 campaign. If the PBEM works out well I will use that as the next PBEM campaign but it will be part of the 1813 campaign. If the PBEM campaign does not work well we will just revert to our normal 1813 campaign.

I will continue to post "Walking Napoleonic Battlefields" each week, and also "Wargames in Spain". And there will be occasional references to the 1806 PBEM Campaign I am involved in. But most of my effort will be going into this new campaign.

There is a link to the new PBEM campaign on the right if you would like to keep up with what is happening there.

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