Saturday, 17 October 2009

PBEM 1813 Campaign

It took four days to reorganise my own PBEM campaign, including finding a new French CinC. It had to be reorganised because there was too much for the CinC to do, and not enough for the corps commanders. It was easy to put the problem right, but it took time to tell everyone and wait for replies.

After four days I was still waiting for two replies, one from the French CinC. I did not want to let the delay drag on, so I sent urgent reminders to both of them. No reply, so I found replacements. Then I got a mail from the French CinC - he had been away from his computer because of a long weekend in USA. Unfortunately too late, I had already confirmed his replacement. But a week later and still no reply from the other player.

So the campaign get going again. You may remember that I stopped the earlier stage just as both sides were about to have a major battle at Magdeburg, so they were very close together on the map. When I received the first days movement orders there were two immediate battles. This meant that the campaign had to pause again until both could be fought as wargames!

Jan and I have been busy fighting the first this week. I have put a daily report on the blog to keep everyone involved, and we have already finished the first battle. It was one of those games where the lucky dice are very kind to one side, and do nothing for the other. Jan was the lucky player this time, and within four moves had half my infantry in rout.

The photo above is of Jan looking very pleased with herself as she considers my routing infantry.


Monty said...

Hello there!

You know, that's what I call a table - is that your living room? If so, do you live in a hangar? Lol, seriously though, PBEM has always interested me, but I've never had a go; must do so, I suppose.
Best wishes,


Monty said...

Hello again,
I have re-read your post and it has dawned on me you are abundant in two key areas that I am deficient; firstly, you have a massive gaming table (ahem, no innuendo intended!), but more importantly and indeed, rarely - a good lady who not only tolerates wargaming, but - yea gods, participates too! You are indeed blessed, sir and I salute you!

thistlebarrow said...

Hi Monty

Its not really that big a wargames table - its 6x6 foot. But its plenty big enough for us. We have a large utility room and the table and shelves for the soldiers are there - though I do have to share with the washing maching and deep freeze!

You can see photos of it if you look at Wargames in Spain and click on Label 1 Our New Wargames Room. You can find it here:

I am indeed lucky in having a wife who is also interested in wargaming. And not only interested, she is good enough to beat me as often as not.

PBEM can be a mixed blessing. I am very new to it, and have only taken part in one game before I started my own. The biggest problem I have found with taking part is the long gaps between anything happening.

The biggest problem in running your own is communication between players, and getting responses for all of them.

But having said that, I have really enjoyed both of them - and would recommend taking part.

Have a look at my current PBEM and if you would like to go on the reserve list let me know. You can find it at:

I have already called on three reserves, and its only been going a couple of weeks.